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Major Prize

WIN an EPIC Adventure in New Zealand!

Proify is looking to unearth some seriously undiscovered flair in the photography world. This year we’ve teamed up with Professional Photographer and Major Sponsor Destin Sparks to offer one of the greatest prizes the competition has ever offered…

If you’re lucky enough to be crowned Proify Photographer of the Year you’ll be joining the renowned Australian photographer on an amazing trip in the South Island of New Zealand. You’ll be chauffeured around the island and left to discover all of the hidden beauties NZ has to offer. With camera in hand and professional tuition at your side you’ll capture breathtaking scenes and form unforgettable memories.

First Prize Value


$3,499 USD

Win a ticket to a ‘once in a lifetime’ photography event. Join professional landscape photographer Destin Sparks on an epic adventure in the South Island. Stay 4 Nights/5 Days in luxury. What have you got to lose?


Luxury Accommodation

“Pamper yourself and stay 4 Nights/5 Days in a luxury 5 star accommodation. After spending the day travelling the island and discovering all the beauties it has to offer, all you will wish for is to relax over a fire place. Not to worry, it will be delivered: your room comes with its private fire place.”

Fine Wine & Dining

“What else will you need to be well taken care of ? All the meals are included during the photography tour. From day one, you will enjoy fine wine, fresh food and local produce at some of thebest local eateries and restaurants of the island. “

Major Prize Sponsor

Destin Sparks is an entirely self taught & accomplished award-winning landscape photographer from Australia. Renowned for his iconic large scale panoramic captures on traditional slide film and Destin’s photographs are sold, displayed, sought after and collected by casual enthusiasts, seasoned collectors and investors on an international basis.”