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Like landscape photography, wildlife photography aims to capture a one-of-a-kind look at the wonders of Mother Nature. However, at its best, it’s about so much more than simply taking pretty pictures of some of the world’s most beloved avian and animal subjects. It also teaches us something vital about the many creatures with which we share our planet, all in one powerful image.

To be a master of the art of wildlife photography, a given photographer needs a profound understanding of timing, use of color, use of texture, and lighting. Our judges are also looking for an ability to use detail, composition, and setting to capture a piece of the subject’s unique essence. Wow us with your very best portraits of nature’s pride and joy.


Previous Winner

Hamish Mitchel is a wildlife and landscape photographer originally from Vancouver, Canada. Photography was always his passion from a very young age, and a few years ago, I decided to follow my dreams and turn that passion into his profession. Having such a love for wildlife and nature, he recently moved to South Africa to enable him to truly focus on his work full-time.  At 44 years of age, he’s now doing what he loves, and is able to photograph some of the most beautiful creatures and scenery on earth. His work has been published in magazines and printed for private collection.

Hamish Mitchell, Canada

‘The King’

“I took this photo “The King” in Kruger National Park, South Africa after three coalition male lions had taken down a young elephant in the night. Taking a break from feeding, this beautiful lion provided the perfect profile shot as he opened wide for the camera’”

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