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Nowhere is a photographer’s mettle tested more often, than when shooting in a fast paced environment, where emotions are running high. Truly, a wedding photographer is the ultimate multi-tasker – managing people and their emotions diplomatically, to capture works of art across every condition imaginable. Handling all this on a single day, with no second chances, is sincerely commendable.

This category seeks to reward the hard-working wedding photographers for their creativity and ability to tell a powerful story in a single image. When love is in the air, an international Proify award may be too – so hurry and submit your most engaging wedding photo now.


Previous Winner

Will Yang is a 33-year-old photographer from Brisbane, Australia, specialised in taking Wedding & Portrait photos. He’s the founder of Willidea Photography and Videography.

Will Yang, Australia

‘Sunset Witnesses our love’

“This shot was taken in the famous Lamington National Park. After the wedding ceremony, we went to the best spot for the sunset photos.”

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