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Travel photography is a form of photo expression that can take just about any form. Uniquely personal and exceptionally freeform, travel photographs can focus on just about any subject matter – anything from majestic landscapes, to sunsets abroad, to local festivals, to heart-stoppingly interesting people that call a given location home.

Truly excellent travel photography takes the viewer on a journey and brings them a little taste of a new experience in a unique way. Travel photographers should demonstrate an impeccable instinct for visual storytelling combined with an understanding of ideal photographic timing. Show us your best serendipitous moments from your time spent on the go.


Previous Winner

Mohammad Ashkanani is a 31-year-old pilot and amateur photographer from Kuwait. He wanted to learn photography to capture the moments of his newborn. That’s how he found his passion into photography and specially people’s life photography and cultures around the world.

Working as a pilot for Kuwait Airways helps Mohammad discover new places and meet new people for his photography projects. Mohammad has won a couple of FIAP medals but he says this  is his highest award to date.

Mohammad Ashkanani, Kuwait

‘Man on Basket’

“is a photo I captured during my last visit to Guilin in China. This photo emphasis the rare relaxation method of the Cormorant Fishermen in Guilin, one of the oldest profession in that area. I took this photo while visiting their house during a full day visit and wanted to share to the world this rare culture and tradition.”

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