Welcome to the Retro Photography Competition

Submit Your BEST Images in the 2020 Proify Awards.

Retro and old school photography styles are making a mainstream comeback on sites like Tumblr and Instagram, reinventing nostalgic imagery into a relevant format for modern audiences. So if you’re a lover of hipsteresque, you’ll find an outlet for your creativity in Proify’s Retro category.

Our judges are seeking creative and unique images in a traditional style – film photography is also strongly encouraged. Filters and effects that imbue interesting images with a ‘vintage’ quality may be used. Enter your Retro photo in the Proify International Photography Awards competition now – your Instagram obsession may just pay off!


Previous Winner

Paul Desjoyaux is 33 years old, originally from France but expatriated in South East Asia since a long time. He’s in the construction business and photography is not a full-time job but only a passion he tries not to take too seriously. He’s been shooting different things for years, but it’s only since last year that he started to enter competitions. He won quite a few photography contests and has been showcased on international renown medias (mostly via their websites) and has been published in a few printed magazines.

Paul Desjoyaux, Thailand

‘Maria is at the Door’

“When my friend got his caravan and I saw it, I immediately said “I have to shoot that!”. I just really loved the vintage/retro look of it, it’s an amazing accessory. And so that’s what we did on a Saturday afternoon with model and friends Maria and Adriana, a photographer friend that gave me a few tips at that time on how to use strobes”

Have You Got What it Takes to be Our Next Big Winner?

When you choose to enter one of the most prestigious photography contests it’s not all just about cash and prizes. Your photos might be the most ground-breaking images to hit the market in a long time but none of it will make any difference if no one knows you’re out there. With Proify the exposure possibilities are endless.