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Portraits are more complex than just a beautiful face, or a well-staged family photo. Instead a skillfully captured portrait has the power to move us through its expression and mood. Whether they speak of happiness, sadness or reveal a distant thought within the subject’s glance; an untold story is heard.

Urban streets can be a hive of frenetic energy, or a quiet place for an individual to contemplate. Street photographers should demonstrate impeccable timing and originality by capturing a candid snippet in time that conveys a story. Submit your most powerful street photographs to gain respect in this quickly rising style.


Previous Winner

Meet Alamsyah Rauf, a 35-year-old self-taught amateur photographer from Indonesia. He first learnt photography with the user guide of the camera he bought in October 2011, then learnt more about techniques of composition, tone and lighting via internet. Alamsyah is an active contributor to various photography community and photo exhibitions. He also participated in several national and international photo contests with considerable awards under his belt (such as, but not limited to: 1st place Lomba National Geographic Indonesia, 2012).

Alamsyah Rauf, Indonesia

‘Girl in Blizzard’

“This stunning capture of a little girl who got lost in the pine forest, was taken in Bone South Sulawesi Indonesia. There’s something powerful about this image of a little girl with her captivating deep-set eyes, can you feel it?”

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