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Submit Your BEST Images in the 2020 Awards.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) images are characterized by gorgeously rich detail and impeccable clarity. Originally pioneered by Gustave Le Gray, HDR imaging methods layer several photos, combining exposure levels, to create one perfect image with detail beyond the limitations of a single exposure.

In the HDR category, our judges are looking for photos where tone mapping, exposure fusion and manual blending have been skilfully used to arrive at a realistic finish with subtle effect.

The aim of the HDR category is to demonstrate an artistic ability to compensate for the Digital SLR’s shortcomings – excessive photo manipulation is not encouraged.

Our judges await the stunning, subtle and realistic results that this technological category affords. Enter the HDR photography competition today.


Previous Winner

Marie Nguyen is a 29-year-old enthusiast from Vietnam, living now in France. Photography has always been her hobby. After studying for many years law and finance, she found herself a new passion; travelling and photographing Mother’s nature beautiful landscapes. Proify is the first competition she entered and she’s eager to pursue and enter more competitions to showcase her captures.

Marie Nguyen, Vietnam


“This photo was taken during my road trip in North-East Australia in early 2016, at the Natural Bridge in Springbrook National Park. I was lucky to have the place just for myself (and my friend) when I got there on a gloomy Saturday afternoon. But when the sun came down and darkness started to take place in the cave, the crowd arrives and we had to share this quiet place with a hundred people and a gazillion glow worms.”

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