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Drones give today’s photographers a unique opportunity to capture the world from a bird’s eye view. That said, drone photography at its best takes the viewer by the hand and invites him to take another look at a given scene from a truly unbelievable perspective.

Skilled drone photographers have a knack for creating sweeping images with depth and detail.

They know how to leverage the principles of solid composition, framing, and visual interest as well.All in all, we’re looking for drone photography that does more than just capture the world from the one-of-a-kind vantage point that only a drone can bring to the table. We want images that take things a step further, think outside the box, and push the boundaries of what the medium is capable of.


Previous Winner

Viral Padiya is a nature enthusiastic photographer and architect and business analyst from India, living now in USA. His photography has been recognised and rewarded with best panoramic mention in magazines and he was also part of the judging panel of the Epson International Panoramic Awards in 2016.

Viral Padiya, USA

‘Nature’s Composition’

“is a capture of the Dry Lake Nevada, USA, taken with my DJI Phamtom 3. During summer, most water in it evaporates, leaving a layer of salt on the surface creates unusual natural form adapted to the dry conditions and it’s very picturesque from above.”

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