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Recent advancements in consumer DSLR cameras and improved sensor technology now give the professional and amateur photographer alike, an ability to capture breathtaking images of the night sky. Indeed, DSLRs have been a game changer for those who love to shoot in low light – a subject matter previously only reserved for those with deep pockets.

Photographers passionate about long exposures, night skies, stars, auroras, lightning and light trails are encouraged to enter this category and showcase their work on an international stage. Participating gives the entrant the opportunity to be the recipient of an international Proify award – and as always you’ve got to be in it to win it.


Previous Winner

KireevArt (Artiom Kireev) is a 29-year-old photographer from Minsk, Belarus with an impressive  background and several accomplishments up his sleeves. “Most stylish photographer of Belarus” by “Night of Style” and founder and head of “Innervision Art Group”, his work is featured in numerous magazines and advertisements around the globe and is placed on several cover magazines (such as XXL Magazine).

Artiom Kireev, Belarus


“is project created at the end of summer 2014 in my house garden near two old ponds, during deep twilight. The dress & decorations are completely handmade. I like to use small (also handmade) capsules with colored fog which only burn for a few seconds and are very hard to control. I used an impulse light (huge Octobox) staying as contra light to give this mystic, fairy mood and I also used a few different reflectors in front. This self-made developed images and heroes of series unite a long-term cycle of the fairy tale experimental imaginations disclosing art style and my taste.”

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