Congratulations to the 2018 Proify International Award Winners!

For the 5th consecutive year the Proify Awards ‘The World’s Best Amateur & Enthusiast Photography Competition’ was open to submissions from all over the globe. As usual we received many beautiful entries from both beginners and enthusiasts alike. With a special thank you to our Judges who volunteered their time we would like to present this years’ winners who will take home:

  • 1st Prize: Canon EOS 5D IV
  • 2nd Prize: DJI Mavic Air
  • 3rd Prize: $500USD Camera Voucher

and the winners of the Proify Awards are…

1st Place – Elizabeth Jenny Taner

2nd Place – Andi Halil

3rd Place – Timothy Moon

Check out all 12 Categories, Honorable Mentions are awarded to each.

Our adjudicators from across the globe evaluated all the photos from Landscape, Panoramic, Street, HDR, After Dark, Portrait, Wedding, Retro; together these 12 categories formed the 2018 Proify Awards. It was their job to meticulously score each entry out of 100 (100 being a theoretical perfect capture) on several criteria such as sharpness, exposure, composition, lighting and uniqueness, even emotion also comes into play when judging an entry. Below are the submissions that captured the eyes of our adjudicators the most.

The Top 50 Images – All Categories

We receive tons of fabulous entries every single year and we’d love to reward them all but that’s simply not possible. We can however give credit where credit is due. Each year we narrow down the remaining top 50 submissions; the images that caught our attention but didn’t quite attain a prize. If your work is featured here you should feel honored, your talent and craft is truly inspirational. We’d love to see what you enter next.

  • Painters
    Hlaing Myint Min
  • Bengal Tiger Lying in Shadowy Water Hole
    Nick Dale
  • Dragonfly's Tail & Wings Covered by Dew Drops
    Kutub Uddin
  • Mountain Goat
    Ales Krivec
  • Colours of Nature
    Abhishek Singh
  • Cleaning the Buddha
    Gunarto Gunawan
  • The Colorful Doors
    Gerdie Hutomo
  • Alpine Oasis
    Thomas Piekunka
  • The Eye of the Earth
    Qidong Lin
  • You Are my Song, You are my Song of Love
    Gabrielius Smilginas
  • Portal to the Netherland
    Ales Krivec
  • Sundown
    Elizabeth Jenny Taner
  • Football Stadium
    Bachir Moukarzel
  • The Pool, Revisited
    Anders Andersson
  • Big Pot Noodle
    Jianhui Liao
  • The Frenzy
    WanLing Chung
  • Geometry of the Sun
    Enrico Pescantini
  • Black Rose
    Anna Bulka
  • Steinhausen
    Judith Kuhn
  • Red Sails at Dusk
    Kerry Koepping
  • Zebra Crossing
    Zhayynn James
  • Battersea Power Station
    Jasminas Braticius
  • The Little Monk
    Renata Vale
  • Whale Shark
    Bachir Moukarzel
  • Rust and Sweat
    Mauro De Bettio
  • The House of Blues
    Julia Sugarbaker
  • One
    Tan Jia Yi
  • Urban Fabric
    Andrew Lane
  • Chestnut Trees
    Marcin Pietraszko
  • Spark Man
    Viraj Bunnag
  • You're My Happy Place
    Gabrielius Smilginas
  • Meditation
    Mathew Schwartz
  • Thinking of You Day & Night
    Robin Yong
  • Black Pines in the Mist
    Rami Gazali
  • Love
    Prelena Soma Owen
  • A Happy Cleaner
    Yanika Anukulpun