Congratulations to the 2016 Proify International Award Winners!

The World’s best amateur and enthusiast photography competition was on again for the third time. 2016 has been a challenging year for the Proify Annual International Photography Awards but we are excited to announce the Winners of this exceptional edition.

Winning one of the Proify Awards is not just about going home with a prize but it’s also skill building and getting your work the recognition it deserves.

Without further adieu, the winners of the Proify Awards 2016 are…

1st Place – Alamsyah Rauf

2nd Place – Rossi Fang

3rd Place – Hamish Mitchell

Check out our Category Winners. They’re truly breathtaking.

The judging panel reviewed all the photos in each of the 12 categories (Landscape, Panoramic, Street, HDR, After Dark, Portrait, Wedding, Retro and the 4 new categories) and meticulously scored the photographs out of 100 (100 being a theoretical perfect capture) on several criteria such as sharpness, exposure, composition, lighting and uniqueness. Nonetheless, the wow factor was also an important element of the judging. It was a real challenge for the judges to pick only the best… of the best.

The Top 50 Images – All Categories

We receive tons of fabulous entries every single year and we’d love to reward them all but that’s simply not possible. We can however give credit where credit is due. Each year we narrow down the remaining top 50 submissions; the images that caught our attention but didn’t quite attain a prize. If your work is featured here you should feel honored, your talent and craft is truly inspirational. We’d love to see what you enter next.

  • One
    David Young
  • Tribal
    Andrea Cimino
  • The Scream
    Anthony Wadham
  • The Rolling Fields
    Hamish Mitchell
  • Into the Light
    Georgia Darlow
  • Portal
    David Young
  • Flower Faries
    Artiom Kireev
  • Poggio Covili
    Judith Kuhn
  • Frozen In Time
    Hamish Mitchell
  • Spotlight
    Georgia Darlow
  • Lend a Helping Hand
    Zay Yar Lin
  • Sun's Up Nets Out
    Zay Yar Lin
  • Crossing a Solar Meadow
    Artiom Kireev
  • Medusa
    Roza Sampolinska-Bailey
  • Stellisee
    Judith Kuhn
  • Flaget
    Wojciech Kruczynski
  • Henningsvaer
    Wojciech Kruczynski
  • Innocence
    Hamish Mitchell
  • The Living Doll
    Amy Nichole Harbison
  • Early Breakfast
    Chan Onn Fong
  • Bandage Portrait
    Kai Nagayama
  • Skogafoss
    Luca Eugeni
  • Sri Lakan Fishermen
    BARATHIEU Gabriel
  • A Mountain Morning
    Niels Fahrenkrog
  • Cheetah
    Ali Alshamsi
  • St. Sebastian
    Judith Kuhn
  • London After Dark
    Edo Zollo
  • Yellow
    Konstantin Gribov
  • TRNP Stars 1
    Jack Lefor
  • Sunrise at Torres del Paine
    Alejandro Weinstein
  • Ayaka
    Roza Sampolinska-Bailey
  • Dance in the Rain
    Will Yang
  • Stokksnes
    Wojciech Kruczynski
  • Reading Light
    Georgia Darlow
  • Golden Villages
    Ales Krivec
  • Winter in Her Eyes
    Tatsiana Tsyhanova