Congratulations to the 2015 Proify International Award Winners!

We’d like to thank all participants for submitting their photos and sharing with us their passion for photography. The Second Edition of Proify was a tight contest but judging is now complete. Among the 780 entries from 344 photographers from 50 countries, the 5 judges decided on 8 jaw dropping images that stood out from the crowd. Congratulations to the winners and top scoring entries.

1st Place – Pham Ty

2nd Place – Jason McGroarty

3rd Place – Ewa Zylinska

Check out our Category Winners. They’re truly captivating.

The judging panel reviewed all the photos in each of the 12 categories (Landscape, Panoramic, Street, HDR, After Dark, Portrait, Wedding, Retro and the 4 new categories) and meticulously scored the photographs out of 100 (100 being a theoretical perfect capture) on several criteria such as sharpness, exposure, composition, lighting and uniqueness. Nonetheless, the wow factor was also an important element of the judging. It was a real challenge for the judges to pick only the best… of the best.

The Top 50 Images – All Categories

We receive tons of fabulous entries every single year and we’d love to reward them all but that’s simply not possible. We can however give credit where credit is due. Each year we narrow down the remaining top 50 submissions; the images that caught our attention but didn’t quite attain a prize. If your work is featured here you should feel honored, your talent and craft is truly inspirational. We’d love to see what you enter next.

  • Symphony
    Liudmila (Lusy) Arnautova
  • Lines
    Cmoon View
  • Enlightenment
    Bennett Stevens
  • Succulent Silk
    Sebastian Wuttke
  • Going Home
    Chee Keong Lim
  • Sanghamitra Sarkar
    The Little Krishna
  • Bull Race
    Chee Keong Lim
  • A Purple Journey
    Jessica Quilty
  • Aquatic #1
    Francis Malapris
  • Helvete
    Wojciech Kruczynski
  • Frozen in Time
    Shane Wheel
  • Venturing into Autumn
    Eric Fagerheim
  • Lake Tekapo New Zealand
    Teale Shapcott
  • Under the Rain
    Michael Pekasa
  • Iconic Broome Sunset
    Caitlin Rakers
  • Portrait of an Intha Fisherman
    Bennett Stevens
  • Share
    Chi Hung Cheung
  • Journey Together
    Siyuan Ma
  • Girl With a Book
    Liudmila (Lusy) Arnautova
  • Sunrise over Canmore
    Lynn Webber
  • Boat Harbour
    Stuart Chape
  • Telling Stories
    Julie Higelin
  • Praying 9
    Chee Keong Lim
  • Morning Sun
    Brett Clarke
  • The Scream
    Anthony Wadham
  • Hustinden
    Wojciech Kruczynski
  • Reinevagen
    Wojciech Kruczynski
  • Electric Sunset
    Steve Gallop
  • Wedding Photo
    Will Yang
  • Reinefjorden
    Wojciech Kruczynski
  • Young Love
    Anthony Wadham
  • Burnt Toast
    Ian English
  • Manarola
    Sus Bogaerts
  • Young Boy With Cat
    Roberto Spotti
  • Fishing Village
    Sergey Agapov
  • Playing
    Chee Keong Lim
  • Kvalvika
    Wojciech Kruczynski
  • Kilchurn Castle
    Wojciech Kruczynski
  • White Sand Dunes
    Viral Padiya
  • High Flyer
    Paul Robinson