If you’re serious about taking your photography game to the next level, it’s of the utmost important that you have the right equipment in your corner. However, here in the 21st century, the term “equipment” can refer to a lot more than just a tripod and a full collection of lenses. For instance, lots of photography enthusiasts are discovering the many benefits drones can bring to the table.

But is a drone right for your photography? Which drone represents the best buy and will come alongside the most benefits? And what about the much discussed DJI Mavic Drone in particular? Is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Here we’ll answer all of these questions and more.

Why Should a Photographer Consider Getting a Drone?

Once upon a time, you were many times more likely to find a drone on the set of a big budget movie than you were in an amateur photographer’s personal arsenal. However, thanks to significant drops in the average price of drones, just about anyone can find it in the budget to invest in one today. The following are just a few of the reasons why every serious photographer should at least consider getting one.

  1. A drone can give your professional business ventures a boost.

If you’re a professional photographer, then you don’t need to be told how competitive the market can be. There are a lot of talented, driven, creative photography enthusiasts out there looking to take pictures professionally, so it can be hard to stand apart from the crowd. A drone can give you a significant edge by allowing you to score unique shots the competition may not be able to deliver.

  1. A drone opens a wealth of new doors when it comes to creativity.

Saying that a drone makes it possible to reach a whole new level of creativity is really quite the understatement. For instance, it can help you take your nature photographs and videos to amazing new heights (quite literally). You can explore a wealth of new ways to capture action shots, crowd scenes, and more as well.

  1. Drones are just plain fun to use.

Sure, drones bring a lot of practical benefits to the table. However, they’re also a lot of fun to own and operate. Whether or not you’ve gone professional with your photography, you’ll have a blast using yours to take pictures you’d never be able to capture any other way. Start a business. Nab that competition-worthy shot you’ve been dreaming about. Wow your Instagram followers. Anything goes!

The Benefits of Choosing a DJI Mavic Drone

Of course, knowing you’re ready to consider a drone is one thing. Deciding which one to buy is another. The DJI Mavic is by far one of the most talked about drones on the market today, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s examine what it brings to the table in comparison to some of the other options.

Cost Effectiveness

Although many of the drones out there today are relatively affordable, the DJI Mavic is actually more so than most. For instance, it’s actually a full $200 cheaper than the Phantom 4, another option that is very popular currently. This makes it a great consideration for the photographer on a strict budget.

Wind Handling Capabilities

In addition to being cheaper than some of the alternatives on the market, the DJI Mavic is also smaller. However, don’t assume that its smaller, more compact size means that it isn’t as powerful as some of the alternatives. It can fly longer and higher than a lot of other drones can.It’s perfectly capable of operating well even when exposed to powerful winds as well. In fact, the Mavic is a lot better able to hold a steady, stable position under those conditions than a lot of the alternatives.

Image Quality

The actual camera on the DJI Mavic is a lot smaller than the cameras you’ll find on other drones or on a GoPro. However, it works like a dream. All your images and videos will need in post-work as far as clarity is a little sharpening work. The Mavic also performs well under low lighting conditions.You also get a lot of flexibility when it comes to the way you can capture images with the Mavic. To begin with, its camera doesn’t have a fixed focus. This allows you to tap the portion of the image you want to focus on and grab exactly the shots you’re looking to achieve. The Mavic’s propellers don’t get in the way to the same degree when the camera is pointed straight up either.


Just as the Mavic is compact, so is its controller. It’s designed to fit comfortably into the hands during operation. It also comes attached to features like a dedicated stop button for the drone’s smart mode. This makes it a simple process to take total control of the Mavic in a flash if it seems like it can’t “see” something it’s about to hit.In regards to the competition, the Mavic controller also features a more reliable connection to the drone and includes an easy to read LCD screen for keeping track of basic flight information. It also charges via convenient micro USB

At present, the DJI Mavic is still such a new offering, features like ND filters, prop guards, and sun hoods have yet to be made widely available for it. However, it’s only a matter of time, so don’t let that deter you from picking one up.

Is the DJI Mavic Right for You?

All things considered, the Mavic represents an especially excellent buy if portability and ease of use are really important to you. It’s not capable of lifting heavy packages or anything, but it’s more than capable of delivering when it comes to taking great pictures or video, so it’s a great pick for photographers. It’s also a fantastically economical choice for those that are on a tight budget, as you get a lot of drone for your money with the Mavic. Explore the possibilities today!

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