If you’re like most photography enthusiasts, you probably find it hard to describe the feeling you had the first time you picked up a camera and began to experiment. You just knew it was like nothing you’d ever felt before – a rush of excitement combined with a deep-seated knowledge that you’d just discovered something that was right. It was something that instantly clicked for you and you haven’t been the same person since.

It’s only natural to wonder what’s next once you’ve reached a certain skill level with your photography. This is especially the case when it comes to photography competitions. Let’s take a look at just a few of the many reasons why you should consider finally taking the plunge.

Nicki Frates Photo Contest

Image Credit: Nicki Frates

1. You get to find out how you really stack up against other photographers.

Competition is a tricky thing when you’re just starting out in regards to something you think you could really be into. On the one hand, you’re dying to know whether or not your stuff is really good enough to win an actual contest or earn you real money someday. On the other hand? Well, you’re no doubt a little worried about not actually being good enough. It’s something every artist goes through in the beginning, photographers included.

Try looking at entering a photography contest as a valuable learning experience that will teach you a lot about not only yourself, but other photographers and photography in general. Whether you win or not, you’ll gain valuable insight into what styles and techniques are really turning heads out there. You can then use what you’ve learned to become better, more varied, and more likely to win the next contest.

2. You stand a real chance of winning valuable prizes and considerable amounts of cash.

When you choose to enter some of the most prestigious photography contests out there, the prizes at stake are truly valuable. For instance, Proify alone features over $5000 in cash prizes just waiting to be won. That’s not an amount to sneeze at.

What would you do if you won thousands of dollars in cash doing something you already absolutely love doing? You could invest in some sleek new equipment or fund a trip to a location you’ve always dreamed of shooting. You could put the money toward your education or your living expenses. You can use some of your winnings to enter even more contests as well. The possibilities are endless and the potential benefits are really too good to pass up.

3. You gain access to priceless exposure.

You could be the hardest working, most skilled photographer in the world. Your photos could be the most groundbreaking images to hit the market in a long time. You could 100% have what it takes to make a real living taking photographs. None of it will make any difference if no one knows you’re out there or sees your work. You need exposure and posting your work on Instagram is only going to get you so much of it.

Just entering a high profile contest like Proify ensures that your work will be seen by big names in the industry including other professional photographers that no firsthand what it takes to succeed. If you win, you instantly gain access to even more exposure. Proify goes to great lengths to make sure its winners and their work receive the kind of attention it takes to launch a career. Winning images have been featured on television, in the international press, and on multiple high profile news sites. Winning photographers receive professional public relations services, marketing assistance, and more. In other words, we make every effort to help you get noticed by exactly the people you want seeing your work.

Atoosa Qamari Deylami - Contests

Image Credit: Atoosa Qamari Deylami

4. You build confidence and character.

It’s not easy being an artist, especially if you do what you do for a full-time living. Artists need to develop nerves of steel and the confidence of a lion. They need to cultivate killer instincts so that they know which creative risks to take and which professional deals come attached to the most potential benefit. Most importantly of all, they need to develop a one-of-a-kind personal style and discover ways to let the uniqueness of their character wow an audience.

Professional photography contests can help you do all of those things. The more contests you enter, the better you’ll become at shooting and submitting entries that turn heads and win prizes. Sooner or later, you’ll no longer see competitions as nerve-wracking experiences. You’ll see them as important opportunities to win prizes, gain quality exposure, and get your work the type of recognition you know it deserves. In other words, you’ll be thinking like the professional you no doubt want to become.

5. You’ll have a real blast. You may even wind up with a career on your hands.

Although photography contests are an important part of any up and coming shutterbug’s development as an artist, that’s not all that they are. Competing can be a lot of fun as well. You’ll get to meet and rub elbows with other people in the industry. You can check out other people’s fantastic work and pick the brains of your fellow photography enthusiasts. You’ll have an unforgettable experience that can honestly be exhilarating.

And that’s the least you’ll get out of the experience. You could also walk away with an explosive new career on your hands. Imagine what it would be like to add “Grand Prize Proify Winner” to your resume. How excited would potential clients be to work with you? How much greater would your chances be of getting your work featured in National Geographic or Popular Photography someday?

At the end of the day, these are just a few of the advantages you gain when you get started with photography competitions and if you’re serious about succeeding in the field, you can’t really afford not to take the plunge. Register with Proify today and start chasing your amazing new future!