If you’re an aspiring photographer, then it’s impossible to overstress the importance of exposure and photography contests are without a doubt one of the best ways to get your work seen. Not only can winning the right contests be a great way to build an impressive resume over time, but they can earn you some pretty sweet prizes in the process to boot.

However, while Proify is most certainly one of the essential photography contests out there, it’s far from the only one. Remember, the more contests you enter, the better your chances of scoring golden opportunities, incredible prizes, and valuable experience will be. The following are a few of the best contest opportunities for photographers out there today. Which ones will you be adding to your to-do list?

  1. The International Photography Awards

The International Photography Awards are open to photographers of all types from all over the world. You can enter whether or not you’re a professional. You can even be a student photographer and qualify. The IPA is also considered to be one of the most prestigious photography contests out there today.

Winners have the privilege of seeing their work published in the IPA Annual Book of Photography, as well as featured in a dedicated New York City exhibition. They’re also eligible for over $22,000 in prizes.

  1. Popular Photography Photo Contests

If you’re a photography enthusiast, then you’ve no doubt spent your share of time devouring issues of Popular Photography over the years. What you may not be completely aware of if you’re only a casual reader is that they also hold monthly contests.

Winners earn a publication spot in an upcoming issue of the magazine. They also score $100 in cash. This option also features numerous categories to choose from, so it’s a good fit if you have a pet image you’ve been itching to enter into a competition at some point.

  1. Digital Photo Pro

Digital Photo Pro is another publication that absolutely every photographer should become familiar with. It’s a print magazine, but has an online presence as well. It’s also home to one of the best photography contests to enter if you’re interested in winning some physical prizes, as opposed to just money or exposure.

Prizes vary, but can include options like photography gear, equipment, gorgeous prints, and lots more. Be aware that most of their contests do require entrants to be United States residents though.

  1. Shoot the Face

Do you far prefer portraiture as your genre of choice? Are you itching to find a photography contest that’s made just for you? If so, Shoot the Face is just the ticket. Contests are monthly and are reserved just for portrait work. Compete with other portrait enthusiasts from all over the world.

The winners are chosen by a panel of judges. Prizes vary and can potentially cover a lot of ground. Examples may include cash, websites, presets, photo books, and more. Check the details of the particular contest you’re looking to enter for more details.

  1. Blur Magazine Photo Contest

Blur Magazine is an online international magazine that was first founded in 2007 for the purpose of exposing and celebrating various types of creative photography from all over the globe. It is very well-respected within photography circles and boasts a large, varied readership. That said, getting your work featured by Blur is an excellent opportunity not to be missed by those interested in high quality exposure.

If you submit a photo and it’s chosen, it then has two chances to become the Photo of the Month. (There is an Editor’s Choice, as well as a People’s Voice winner.) If selected, you receive free issues of the magazine, as well as a feature in the magazine itself, in the publication’s Facebook announcements, in a special promotional spot on the website, and possibly in upcoming special editions of the magazine.

  1. Creative Motion Design

Creative Motion Design is a company that specializes in hosting opportunities and web services for the photography community at large. They also host a monthly photography contest. Each contest has its own hyper-creative theme, so be sure that your entry fits well. Many photographers look at this particular contest as an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles and experiment.

Since Creative Motion Design is a web services company, prizes are usually a free website and photo cart combo. That said, if you’re new to photography and don’t yet have a dedicated, professionally designed website at your disposal, here’s your chance to score one for free.

  1. National Geographic

Just about everyone that’s familiar with National Geographic magazine is also familiar with the stunningly beautiful photography it features. They’re also perhaps aware that they have a large annual contest open to photographers from multiple countries all over the world. Many photographers actually list winning a National Geographicphoto contest as being among their fondest wishes.

Prizes include cold, hard cash and incredible travel opportunities. It also goes without saying that considerable exposure and industry cred come along with the package. Definitely something that can put your work on the map and encourage you to stretch the limits of your creative vision!

  1. ViewBug

ViewBug is a little different in that it’s a dedicated online community that was created specifically for contests. Various companies, publications, and more submit their contest opportunities to the community. Members are then free to browse those opportunities and enter the contests that suit them, their work, and their goals.

Prizes vary, of course, and will depend on what the contest host is offering. However, the massive range of choices available pretty much guarantees that there’s something there for everyone.

Of course, these are just a handful of the many opportunities out there today. Definitely consider them, consider Proify, and keep an eye out for other options as well. (This includes local opportunities that may be available in your city or region.) The sky’s the limit, so get out there and get competing today!