Welcome to the third Annual International Proify Photography Competition – the World’s best photography contest dedicated to emerging photographers all over the world. If you’re an amateur or an enthusiast photographer who wants to get noticed, Proify is the right contest to enter. With over $5,300 cash, prizes and awards this devoted competition provides a unique opportunity to earn credibility, funding and global exposure.

Why you should Enter:

 • Over $5,300 in prizes

 • Earn Gold, Silver & Bronze Awards

• World Wide Exposure

• Compete for the Destin Sparks Award

• 12 Unique Categories + Reward for each

• Crystal Trophy for each winner

• Certificates for all High Scoring Entries

• International Eligibility

Ambition always begins with a dream. Have you got what it takes to go professional?

Alamsyah Rauf 2016 Photo Comp

Image Credit: Alamsyah Rauf

Are you passionate about photography and looking to make a name for yourself and gain exposure for your work? Think no more and enter the contest. Proify will teach you a lot about your work and where it fits into the photography industry. You will learn invaluable lessons about what works, what doesn’t and where to improve. Should you win, you can walk away with the big prize and international exposure.

Organized by Destin Sparks – a multi-skilled and acclaimed photographer based in Australia, the Proify Competition is designed to celebrate the remarkable art of photography and recognize the incredible talents of amateur and non-professional photographers across the globe.

Destin Sparks says that “This is a major competition for major non-professional photographers, so everybody is on the same playing field.  We saw many inspiring photos last year.  This competition gives photographers an opportunity to show just what they are capable of.  It’s about unearthing masterpieces.”

The contest is back this year with a lot of news: new categories and also new awards and rewards to honor your good performance.

Which category will you choose?

In 2014 and 2015, Proify let you choose between eight distinct categories such as landscape; street; portrait; after dark; wedding, panoramic, retro and HDR. The contest is back this year with four new categories. Whether you are a travel photography lover, a wildlife passionate, a macro addicted or a drone aficionado, you will have your chance to enter your best shot.


New Category


Travel Photography Competition


New Category


Drone Photography Competition


New Category


Wildlife Photography Competition


New Category


Macro Photography Competition

Introducing the Destin Sparks Award

Proify is introducing this year a new way to recognize exceptional, outstanding and unique capture, the Destin Sparks Award.
When it comes to timeless photography that accurately captures the beauty and majesty of Mother Nature, it quite simply doesn’t get much more exemplary than the work of Destin Sparks.

Award winning landscape photographer based in Australia, Sparks believes firmly in the value of traditional photography methods, trusting his work to traditional equipment and the power of impeccable timing instead of relying on digital manipulation and Photoshop.

Despite being entirely self-taught Sparks is an accomplished photographer with more than 70 awards under his belt. Famously known for his panoramic captures on traditional slide film, Sparks’ primitive methods inspire many enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Destin Sparks Award is reflective of everything its work represents – precision, creativity, and – of course – boundless imagination. It will award a single recipient whose work has been found to be exceptional in regards to all of these principles. The perfect blend of uniqueness and time-honored technique is truly something to be celebrated in regards to today’s photographers. The Destin Sparks Award is established to do exactly that.Proify Award

How to enter the Competition?

To enter the Proify Competition, it’s really easy, click here to register, pick your best work and which category it fits into. The photos will be judged by a panel of top photographers from around the world. Increase your chances of winning a cash prize and enter as many photos as you wish.
Anybody who earns less than 20,000 USD per year as a photographer is welcome to enter the contest. Minors may also enter, as long as they have permission from a parent or guardian to do so.