RESS RELEASE – Proify Annual International Photography Awards 2015



The World’s best amateur and enthusiast photography competition was on again this year!

Amateur, non-professional and student photographers around the world were invited to enter the Proify Annual International Photography Awards to compete for over $5300 in total prizes.

“If you’ve always dreamt of becoming a recognized and respected professional photographer, the financial support and recognition of international awards like Proify can take your career to the next level.”

Winning prizes and having a chance of going professional, is what Proify is all about.

For the 2015 edition, the Proify competition received 780 entries from 344 photographers in 50 countries.

The judging panel was comprised by 5 high profile photographers, including Destin Sparks, multiple award-wining international landscape photographer based in Australia and coordinator of the competition.

Our prestigious panel of judges reviewed all the photos in each of the 8 categories (Landscape, Panoramic, Street, HDR, After Dark, Portrait, Wedding and Retro) and meticulously scored the photographs out of 100 (100 being a theoretical perfect capture) on several criteria such as sharpness, exposure, composition, lighting and uniqueness. Nonetheless, the wow factor was also an important element of the judging.

Amongst all the entries, the 5 judges had to decide on 8 jaw-dropping images that stood out from the crowd.

Upon the completion of the judging, Destin Sparks said that “this year the competition was really tight, we’ve received heaps of incredible shots which made it pretty hard to choose only 8 finalists. We feel honoured to have received such an amazing calibre of submissions from talented photography enthusiasts around the globe.”


We’re pleased to announce the winners of the Second Annual Proify International Photography Awards:

Drum roll please…


  • Grand Prize winner and First Place for the Street Category:

Pham Ty with his outstanding, mind-blowing, vibrant and eye-catching ‘Sewing the fishing net’. Creativity and diligent in adhering to the judging criteria were both well respected. Pham Ty, amateur photographer for 4 years did an excellent work by capturing The colour and the shape of the net [that] looked like green clouds drifting and bobbing’.

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  • Second Prize winner and First Place for the After Dark Category:

Jason McGroarty with his unique and extraordinary ‘Totem fox’. Jason is a 23 year-old self-taught photographic artist from Ireland. Despite his young age, Jason delivers incredible artworks, worthy of any high end photographer. Through this powerful photo, Jason tells us a deep, meaningful and personal story that combines two different souvenirs. First about how he met a wild vixen as a young boy: ‘Through Totem I wanted to capture the heart-stopping moment when the wild breaches the barriers of the city and reminds us that the line between humans and wildlife is not as clear-cut as we would like to believe in, and that in the animal kingdom, the only thing we can count on is unpredictability, that the unexpected should be expected’. Second, about his beloved grandfather: ‘My grandfather was a big gambler who got into a lot of debt as a result of his addiction. His gambling became so bad that we lost a lot of our land and money to loan sharks seeking repayment. However he was the most caring man in the world and would have laid his life on the line for his family. In a small tribute to his character I shot the image of the cunning fox hitting the slots’. This image is one of a series Jason shot ‘Project Totem’. Check his websites and

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  • Third Prize winner and First Place for the Portrait Category:

Ewa Zylinska with her captivating and magnificent ‘Sprinc’. Ewa is a 32 year-old Polish student photographer specialised in portraits. Photography is for Ewa her ‘refuge from the World and a way to express herself’. There is something absolutely fascinating about this photo: not just the beauty of the model Gabriela, who posed several times for Ewa. But also the expression on her face and the way she stands and closes her eyes that invite us to join her in some sort of trance and travel to another World.

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  • First Place for Landscape Category:

The photo with the highest score in the Landscape category is the astonishing ‘Serenity at Dawn’ by Caitlin Rakers. Caitlin, 31-year-old Australian girl amateur passionate by photography and specialised in landscape for 6 years knew exactly how to showcase the calm and quietness of the scene, as well as beautiful dawn colours. After a few attempts to photograph the iconic Perth Boat Shed, ‘on this particular morning, the conditions were absolutely perfect and I was able to capture the shot I had been hoping for’she said.

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  • First Place for Panoramic Category:

The breathtaking ‘Ominousity’ by Jessica Quilty showcasing a huge storm about to hit Sydney. When you look at this photo, you can’t help but think ‘Time is of the essence’. Jessica says it was a bit of a challenge to capture this moody atmosphere surrounding her that day, getting the photo at the right time as the storm unfolded in front of her.

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  • First Place for HDR Category:

Wojciech Kruczynski with his fabulous ‘Reinevagen’, taken in Lofoten, Norway. Wojciech, 50-year-old Polish psychotherapist and photography lover, was actually waiting for some Aurora Borealis when he captured this spectacular winter scene and yet so glowing. The quality of his artwork lies in the ‘very gentle way’ of using HDR technique, which was much appreciated by our judges.

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  • First Place for Wedding Category:

The exceptional ‘Wedding photo’ by Will Yang, photographer based in Brisbane and passionate for wedding photography. Will did a fantastic performance capturing this shot: the bride is the centre of all attention, not only because of her beautiful dress and her standing in the middle of the photo, but also because of her veil. Excellent use of leading lines and exposure to highlight the charming point of interest. Well done!


  • First Place for Retro Category:

Margaret So with her remarkable ‘A Girl’s World’. Margaret just graduated in Photo Imaging and she’s fond of ‘artworks that have theme, stories, concept or messages and also shows vibrant colours that complement each other and good styling’. ‘A Girl’s World’ reveals ‘the fun of everyday things that girls like to do while in comfortable attire such as a nightie, and putting on perfume, talking to friends on the phone relaxing with a cup of tea and beautifying herself’. Why retro? Margaret’s artwork intends to ‘communicate the feminine, stylish and elegant fashion and behaviour that is the nature of vintage and retro, with stylish and feminine backgrounds’. All of that in the most glamorous way possible! Well done Margaret!

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We would like to thank all the entrants and congratulate them for the good work. Their passion for photography is our essence. We feel honoured to receive all those incredible shots this year and can’t wait to see what next year brings.