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The true character of an urban environment can be found in the arteries and veins that flow traffic and people around a city’s beating heart – its streets. Here millions of lives collide on a daily basis – children play, we greet neighbors, walk dogs, drivers fume in traffic, lone figures sidle down darkened alleyways and suited suburbanites rush home eagerly at the week’s end.

Urban streets can be a hive of frenetic energy, or a quiet place for an individual to contemplate. Street photographers should demonstrate impeccable timing and originality by capturing a candid snippet in time that conveys a story. Submit your most powerful street photographs to gain respect in this quickly rising style.


Previous Winner

Nicholaz Tay is a 39-year-old Chinese System Analyst living in Malaysia. He owned his first entry level DSLR camera in year 2008 just to photograph his first baby. After a few years, he found his passion in photography especially into landscape and street photography, then he started following follow some local photography magazine for self-taught and build up his skills. Nicholaz won a few competitions such as PPAC 2016 (Bronze Award in Children Category) and had his work published in local photography magazines.

Nicholaz Tay Meng Leong, Malaysia

‘Sunset Hour From Water Pool’

“This photo was taken in a water recreation park at the Kallang Stadium, in Singapore, at golden hour time, on an evening while I was watching my children playing in the water pool. I wanted to capture the vibrant sunset light irradiating on the surrounding ground and my kid so happily playing with water. I have a series of photos took at this moment, but this one is my favorite.”

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