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Nothing humbles us more than the experience of profound connection with the world around us. This is the true power of landscape photography – its ability to capture scenes in a way that deeply resonates with us, even though we may never have visited the location in person; from cascading waterfalls, to a twinkling city skyline, windswept prairie plain to a rugged silhouetted mountain range.

Mastery of landscape photography relies on an intimate understanding of timing and light, hence it is a highly challenging genre to execute well. This remains true regardless of whether you are shooting natural or urban landscapes, in black and white or color, or using representational, impressionistic or abstract styles. All styles will be evaluated equally by the judges. Submit your awe-inspiring moments from Mother Nature in this year’s landscape photography competition.


Previous Winner

Meet Ales Krivec, 35 years old, from Slovenia. He doesn’t have any professional background when it comes to photography.Ales started about 3 years ago, because he likes hiking and wanted to capture views when he’s high in the mountains. The hobby became passion and he put in a lot of time to learn and take more compelling images.

Ales Krivec, Slovenia

‘Lake Bled’

“Lake Bled is probably the most iconic location in Slovenia and definitely, the most recognizable one. On mystic winter mornings, it looks like it’s straight from a fairy-tale. I was waiting eagerly for the first cold winter morning after the snowy day. Finally, the conditions were just as I wanted them to be. Still lake, beautiful pink/purple morning tones, snow on the trees and some fog for mystic atmosphere.”

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